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Thank you for your prayers and interest in our ministry in Senegal, West Africa.

Who We Are

Originally from Oklahoma, the Wilkersons began their full-time missionary life in 2016 and have since called Africa home. Shad is an ordained pastor, former EMT, and licensed emergency and critical-care veterinarian. Amy is a former Optometric assistant with a B.S. in Community Health. Lyric is an internationally certified ESL teacher and is working on her degree in business administration. The Wilkerson’s use their skills and education to serve the under-served in their African communities.

GREAT NEWS: In 2024 the mission team will be growing! A new family from Minnesota will be joining the Wilkerson’s bringing their collective talents and hearts for ministry to Africa full-time.

Our Work

We believe that providing education is key to a brighter future and is a great way to show Christ’s love! We provide English-as-a-second-language (ESL) education, veterinary care, business as mission, missionary member care, and community health training, all while sharing the gospel. This allows us to show Christian love in tangible ways that meet people in their needs right where they are. We also host church mission teams and provide internship training for young missionary apprentices or those just investigating living abroad for a “gap year”.


Everyone Has a Story

I was a slave for 8 years. Now I'm developing my own business.

Meet Batsy. Batsy is one of the hardest workers we have ever met. His story is incredibly sad and inspirational at the same time. As he fought back tears, he explained to us that his parents, not having enough money, sold him into slavery when he was young. He grew up his entire childhood away from his family. For 8 years he was forced to beg on the streets and to bring back 500 cfa (the equivalent of 90 cents) each evening to his master before sundown. On the days that he failed to do this he would be seriously beaten.

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Everyone Has a Story


This woman, affectionately referred to as “Mama”, spends her days weaving colorful handmade baskets to help support her village. Through our partnership with a supporting church in Knoxville........

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What Our Mission Teams Say

The relationships built were very rewarding. Having people ask how you are and love on you and ask you when you will be coming back to Senegal was awesome!

The thing that brought me the most joy was the kids being so eager to learn English and have fun! Being able to see the joy on their faces when we arrived made me so happy!

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