Education and communication are the keys to the future!

Registered as a non-profit charity organization in both the United States and Senegal, West Africa, we desire to equip future generations of impoverished African children by providing free English education. Why? Because those who are proficient in English have greater employment opportunities and income potential to help provide for their families and their communities for the rest of their lives.

The free English classes are taught in cooperation with local Senegalese schools in person by American team members.

To grow and help more children this year, we need your help.

This special fundraiser will provide some of the needed funds to:

  • open an English Library and conversation center
  • build an additional school room so that 25 more students can attend classes
  • provide school supplies
  • cover teacher and student expenses

Our current fundraising goal for the 2022-23 school year is $24,900.

Monthly pledges and one-time gifts are accepted.

Thank you for helping us bring sustainable change and hope for a brighter future for these beautiful children!


Shad and Amy’s daughter, Lyric has been on the field with them since she was 13 years old, actively and passionately sharing the Gospel. Now, as an adult, she has made the decision to commit her next years to ministry by teaching local children English as a life-skill and ultimately a door-opener for the Gospel.

Lyric teaches English to children in Senegal ages 7-15 years old. The children enjoy playing games and learning new words that sound hilarious like “watermelon”. The children hear Old Testament Bible stories and love to interact with short-term church teams from America. English is a useful skill that these children can use to get higher-paying jobs in the future to support their families and their community.

God has given Lyric a gift of compassion, joy, and love for these children! If you would like to know about how you could join Lyric in her endeavors to show Christ’s love through Education, leave a comment below.