Welcome to “Petits Etats Unis” Coffee Shop and English Library in Saly, Senegal!

Petits Etats Unis means “little America” in French, which is one of two national business languages here in Senegal.

Why an English Library and coffee shop?
For 4 years, our Senegalese friends and neighbors have been asking for a place to learn and practice English conversation as a means for better job opportunities to provide for themselves and their families in the future. While many Senegalese children are not fortunate enough to get to attend school beyond the age of 12 due to poverty, those who are lucky enough to attend middle school learn a small introduction to English. However, without the opportunity to use or practice the small amount they learn, they quickly forget it.

There is growing opportunity for good-paying jobs in the tourism and business sectors for those few Senegalese who can speak English, so this has become a high area of interest for our neighbors. And what better way to have a conversation than over a good cup of coffee with a tasty snack?

Through the generous donations of several American partners, we have opened Petits Etats Unis–the first of its kind ministry in Senegal. It resembles a very small version of Barnes & Noble. We have an English library of around 800 books (which is growing every month) containing books for all ages from pre-school through adult and consisting of a wide assortment of subjects such as history, teen living and growth, nursing, veterinary care and agriculture, Christian growth and development, romance, and Bibles in 4 different languages, to name a few. Additionally, we have 2 laptop computers for online learning and business skills, 2 XBox 360’s for youth events (Fifa is very popular here), and a projector for Christian-themed English movie nights for the community.

What are the ministry goals of Petits Etats Unis?

● To provide a safe Christian atmosphere where interested Senegalese can come to learn and practice English conversation with American native speakers
● To provide a safe place to learn about the love of Jesus
● To provide a venue for other mission agencies and ex-pats to use for discipleship meetings or community outreach. For example, one missionary woman is using the space one afternoon per week to provide art lessons for children.
● Using business as mission as a model to teach our Senegalese employees practices of accountability, customer service, and business ethics and how weekly Bible studies together can help promote love, respect, and teamwork.

This ministry is unfunded for the remainder of 2023.
$51,250 is needed to fund this ministry for the next 18 months.
As word-of-mouth is spreading, it is our goal that this coffee shop & library will be producing enough income to fully support this ministry without the need for donors beginning in Jan 2025.
Would you commit to a monthly donation for the next 18 months to help this ministry succeed?

Click the link below to donate now.